2012 ADO All-Stars – East Wins Again!!!

Updated: August 10, 2012

2012 All-Stars and National Championships

Final Score
MEN 199 176
WOMEN 91 89
290 265

Groups have been drawn

East Men Group 1
Joe Huffman
Joe Chaney
Jim Fitzsimmons
Chad Massengill
Todd Bumgarner
Jim Widmayer
Kyle Owen
East Men Group 2
Robert Ham
Gordon Dixon
Danny Lauby
Neil Quenon
Brian Blake
Greg von Lienen
Chuck Pankow
East Men Group 3
Tom Curtin
Darin Young
Cody Gaulthier
Larry Butler
Jon Rodriguez
Robbie Phillips
East Man Group 4
Andrew Briere
Bill Anderson
Ryan Barnette
Scott Frazier
Jeff Steinberg
Tom Sawyer
West Men Group 1
Eddie Moore
Connley Litton
Bud Eliza
Robert Shotts
Korey Euckert
West Men Group 2
Ken Weaver
Mike Ramey
Scott Wollaston
JD Newman
Ted Quinn
West Men Group 3
Rob Showers
Nick Coachman
Joey Burt
Ed Labarbera
Steve Panuncialman
West Men Group 4
Alan Nutter
Mike Brewer
Chris Peake
Bryan Russell
John Sison
East Womens Gr. 1
Candi Ellis
Sarah Thomas
Jannette Dickerson
Suzana Kovach
Marilyn Popp
Bette Cunningham
East Womens Gr. 2
Gloria Gutierrez
Marybeth Collins
Karen Clancy
Diana Jayne
Heidi Channel
Leann Nurke
West Womens Gr. 1
Courtney Dees
Trish Jones
Terra Poplstein
Andrea Taylor
Tina Hotchkiss
West Womens Gr. 2
Diana Rutherford
Stacy Bromberg
Lisa Womack
Brenda Roush
Gretel Flores

Updates will be posted here throughout the day.

Posted on 8/2/2012

The 2012 ADO All-Stars and 501 National Championships takes place on August 10, 2012 in Stamford, CT in conjunction with the USA Dart Classic.  The ADO would like to wish all the participants the best of luck.

East Team – Women: 12 West Team – Women: 10
Leann Burke (JR) Stacy Bromberg (NT)
Heidi Channel Courtney Dees
Mary Beth Collins Gretel Flores
Bette Cunningham Trish Jones
Jannette Dickerson Terra Poplstein
Candi Ellis Brenda Roush (NT)
Gloria Gutierrez Diana Rutherford
Diana Jayne Andrea Taylor
Suzana Kovach Lisa Womack
Marilyn Popp (NT)
Christine Ruggerio  West Team – Men: 20
Sarah Thomas Mike Brewer
Joey Burt
East Team – Men: 26 Nick Coachman
Bill Anderson Jr. Bud Elzea
Ryan Barnette Korey Euckert
Brian Blake Ed Labarbera
Andrew Briere (JR) Connley Litton
Todd Bumgarner Eddie Moore
Larry Butler (NT) J.D. Newman
Joe Chaney Allen Nutter
Tom Curtin Steve Panuncialman
Gordon Dixon (NT) Chris Peake
Jim Fitzsimmons Ted Quinn
Scott Frazier Sr. Mike Ramey
Cody Gaulthier (JR) Bryan Russell
Robert Ham Robert Shotts
Joe Huffman Rob Showers
Danny Lauby (JR) John Sison
Chad Massengill Ken Weaver
Kyle Owen (JR) Scott Wollaston (NT)
Chuck Pankow
Robbie Phillips  Youth – 18
Neil Quenon Austin Adams
Jon Rodriquez Josh Bergin
Tom Sawyer (NT) Jonny Bondaug
Jeff Steinberg Brendan Dickerson
Greg Von Lienen Jonathan Dickerson
Jim Widmayer (NT) Scotty Frazier
Darin Young (NT) Dylan Gaither
Miles Gallagher
Kyle Gaulthier
Mitch Hedrick
Benjamin Hendon
Cole Keene
Scott Mowry
Kerena Reese
Kenny Sanborn
Connor Schlebach
Richard Williams
Jacob Womack
Kyle Yazbek

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