2014 Syracuse Open Singles Results – correction to cricket results

Updated: February 18, 2014
Mens 501   Womens 501
1st Tom Sawyer   1st Cali West
2nd Mark Cronin   2nd Trish Grzesik
Top 4 Pete Howell   Top 4 Kay Hoover
Top 4 Martin Tremblay   Top 4 Maria Mason
Top 8 Andre Carmen   Top 8 Bonnie Wei
Top 8 Bob Sinnaeve   Top 8 Christa Venedam
Top 8 Howard Minor   Top 8 Aoife Snook
Top 8 Levi Remick   Top 8 Robin Curry
Mens Cricket    Womens Cricket 
1st Tom Sawyer   1st Kim Whaley-Hilts
2nd Greg VonLenen   2nd Stacey Pace
Top 4 Andre Carmen   Top 4 Kay Hoover
Top 4 John Verney   Top 4 Robin Curry
Top 8 Darin Young   Top 8 Trish Grzesik
Top 8 Bernie Miller   Top 8 Anne Kramer
Top 8 Wayne Croft   Top 8 Marilyn Loft
Top 8 Steve Warnock   Top 8 Shelley Miller

 Results will be posted to ADO database shortly

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