2017 ADO East-West All-Star Challenge

Updated: August 4, 2017

Congratulations to the East Team for winning the 2017 Wast-West All-Star Challenge!

Final totals were East 246 – West 195.

These were the groups for today:

East Men Group 1      West Men Group 1
Tony Trist      Morgan Dotson
Tom Sawyer      Brian Roth
Robbie Phillips      Kris Swift
Darin Young      Tony John
Ryan Morey      Randy Winchell
Bruce Robbins      Ron Peppers
James Kinney      Rob Dixon
     Leonard Gates
East Men Group 2      West Men Group 2
Mat Malone      Robert Shotts
Jim Fitzsimmons      Jon Foreman
Paul Forauer      Timmy Nicoll
Aaron Jalbert      Jason Converse
J.T. Sain      J.D. Newman
Joe Chaney      Eric Huhtala
Bill Anderson Jr      Larry Butler
East Women      West Women
Marlise Kiel      Debbie Ivey
Stephanie Kramer      Tanja Farmer
Tracy Feiertag      Stacey Pace
Cali West      Shannon Vitale
Bette Cunningham      Stacy Hudson
Paula Murphy      Lisa Ayers
Sandy Haas


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