2018 BDO Tournaments

Updated: November 26, 2017

Apologies for the delay in posting the full list of American BDO events in 2018, but there were some details to be finalized.  Here is the full list :

  Tournament   Purse
Jan 19-21   Las Vegas Open   NV   ($30,000)
Feb 9-11   Shoot for the Moon   AL   ($22,000)
Feb 16-18   Syracuse Open   NY   ($25,300)
Feb 23-25   Port City Open   ME   ($23,300)
Mar 23-25   Virginia Beach Classic   VA   ($37,000)
Apr 13-15   Charlotte Open   NC   ($20,000)
May 4-6   Cleveland Extravaganza   OH   ($20,000)
Jun 22-24   Cherry Bomb International   FL   ($13,350)
Sep 21-23   Witch City Open   NH   ($27,460)
Nov 2-4   Colorado Open   CO   ($20,200)
Nov 9-11   Seacoast Open   ME   ($30,000)

Please note that the Witch City Open has been brought forward from the original date listed.

For full information regarding BDO-ranked tournaments, and the event categories/payouts for the above events, please click here

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