2018 National 501/Cricket Championships – UPDATE

Updated: October 21, 2017

The following post is a clarification of the post made earlier, with particular regard to National Team Members (in bold below).  The original post has now been removed.

It seems that there is still some confusion regarding the qualification for the 2018 National 501 and National Cricket Championships that are being held in Las Vegas.

Specifically, qualifying for ONE of the National Championships does NOT automatically qualify a player for both events.  However, if a player does qualify for one of the two (either is fine), and not the other, they can forego their expense stipend and compete in the other National Championship.  The only way for players (non-National Team Members) to be awarded ADO Ranking Points for each event is to compete in a National Qualifier for each event.

Here are the rules:

The schedule of events in Las Vegas will be:
Wednesday, January 17 : Players arrive
Thursday, January 18 : 2018 National Cricket Championship
Friday, January 19 : 2018 National 501 Championship

We are trying to make things better for the players, and increase participation in these national Championships, and here are the details of how players can qualify for the 2018 ADO National Championships, the costs, and what they will receive.  Qualification via a National Qualifier remains the same, at a cost of $110.

Qualifying for ONE National Championship (501 or Cricket) via NQ
Players receives travel / $150 stipend OR travel / entry into the OTHER National Championship.
Qualifying for TWO National Championships (501 AND Cricket) via NQ
Players receive travel and $300 stipend.

A player ranked in the Top 16 of the ADO Rankings (male or female) that has not already Qualified for the 2018 National Championships (at the cutoff date) can buy into both National Championships for $300.

National Team Members
2017 National Team Members receive :
travel / $150 stipend, and entry into 2017 National 501 Championship.
travel / $150 stipend, and entry into 2018 National Cricket Championship OR travel and entry into the 2018 National Cricket Championship and entry into the 2018 National 501 Championship.

Cutoff date for entries, National Qualifier Results, and ALL payments related to the 2018 National Championships in Las Vegas is Friday, December 1, 2017.

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