ADO US Team National Finals

Updated: October 9, 2017

Here is the line-up for this Friday’s US Team Nationals in Denver.  The top two men and two women will represent the USA in the 2018 WDF Americas Cup in Trinidad and Tobago.

Lisa Ayers    TN    Valorie Olson    CO
Vicki Graham    AZ    Brenda Roush    CO
Kay Hoover    OH    Kris Sams    CO
Sandy Hudson    SC    Dorothy Spencer    MD
Laine Lyzak    CA    Patty Walz    MA
Angise Maxwell    MO
Maury Alpert    GA    Randy Hvidt    TX
Avery Barry    MA    Ben LaDew    MS
John Beard    FL    J.D. Newman    CA
Jason Brandon    TN    Romeo Pacheco    CO
Larry Butler    OH    Ron Peppers    CA
Joe Chaney    TN    Robbie Phillips    NC
Mark Daly    VA    Eric Robinson    MO
Morgan Dotson    CO    Tom Sawyer    MA
David Fatum    AZ    Jeff Springer    WA
Ron Gayman    NV    Kris Swift    TX
Matt Griego    NM    Steve Webb    OK
Verrick Hager    NY    Kevin Yasenchak    OH
Charlie Harrison    AZ

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