BDO Tournament Ranking Request for 2018

Updated: September 1, 2017

As the end of the year approaches, it’s time to get the BDO-ranked events sorted for 2018!

If you don’t know what that means, the British Darts Organisation (BDO) is the organizing body for the Lakeside World Championship, and they have their own worldwide rankings (known as “Invitational Tables”) which qualify players for the event.  There is also a separate ” USA Regional Table” which guarantees an American player participation at Lakeside!  These BDO events also give players numerous chances to qualify for the Winmau World Masters, as the winners of each 501 Singles – both men and women – receive an invitation.

To take advantage of these opportunities, tournaments have to be ranked by the BDO, although all tournaments have to apply through the national governing body; in our case, that’s the ADO.

There is no minimum tournament purse required by the ADO for ADO tournaments to be ranked by the BDO, and all ADO-sanctioned tournaments are now free to apply for BDO-ranking via the ADO website (see the link below).  However, tournaments must still adhere to the prize structure as stipulated by the BDO.  This is one of a number of certain rules that must be applied, and details are available on the page.

So, if you want to be involved in the quest to give more American players more opportunities to compete on the world stage, click here.


NOTE: All tournaments hosting ADO National Finals will be ranked by both the BDO and WDF.

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