BDO/WDF Ranking Request Reminder

Updated: October 2, 2016

We are still looking for applications from ADO tournaments that wish to be ranked by the British Darts Organisation in 2017.  Not only does BDO-ranking raise the profile of your tournament, but increases the chances of American players to qualify for both the Winmau World Masters and the Lakeside World Championship!

There is now no minimum tournament purse required to apply for BDO-ranking; larger tournaments will receive priority but now all tournaments are free to apply.  There are certain rules that have to be applied, and full details are available under the BDO/WDF and ADMIN tabs, or by clicking here.  All requests are to be submitted via these links.

In addition, we are accepting requests for Youth Tournament Ranking by the World Darts Federation.  This is a great way to stimulate the growth of the youth games in the US!  Again, all requests are to be submitted through the links under the BDO/WDF and ADMIN tabs, or by clicking here.

Remember, these tournaments are the ONLY way American players can qualify to play the world’s best in BDO and WDF international events.  I’m sure everyone would welcome greater opportunities for our players – both adult and youth – and you can all play your part!

Closing date for ALL applications is October 15, 2016

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