Club Report

As we continue to improve the ADO website, this will be a page where our member leagues and associations will have the opportunity to promote themselves and their players directly via the ADO.  In particular, we are looking for things that may not be covered elsewhere, either by your organization or by the ADO (special achievement awards achieved in ADO-sanctioned events will be covered elsewhere on this website).  While any relevant information will be considered for publication, here are a few specifics items in which we are interested :

An introduction to, and history of, your league/association *
This can include things like :
A history of the organization, such as how and when it was founded.
How many leagues, divisions, teams, and players you have.
Annual events the organization hosts.
Notable events in the history of the organization, and notable achievements by players.
Charity or fundraising events that have been hosted by the organization.
Connections the organization may have – or have had – with local press and media.
If possible, please include an association logo.

Current Events
Special achievement awards in league play and events.
Notable achievements by players (such as in Regional, National, or International competition).
End-of-season league standings (an acceptable duplication from your league website).
Information about upcoming organization-sponsored events (particularly fund-raisers).
Results from organization-sponsored tournaments (non-ADO sanctioned events).
Local press and media coverage for your organization, events, or players.


Of course, photographs are always welcome with regard to any of the above information!