Las Vegas Open Registration / “Digital Steel” Tournament System

Updated: January 16, 2018

With the NODOR Fleetwood Memorial Las Vegas Open approaching, we have some important news!  For the first time, a major ADO event will be run using the DartConnect “Digital Steel” tournament system.  What is important is that ALL players will be REQUIRED to check-in to DartConnect.  Remember, this isn’t just about keeping score; this is mandatory as we need every player added to the database used to generate the brackets.  It is of utmost importance that as many players as possible are checked in ahead of time in order to streamline onsite registration.

There are numerous player-friendly features incorporated, including free automated board calls!

There is a separate check-in for the National Championships, and players just need to select both tournaments when they check-in.  For full details, click here.


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