Stacy: A Tribute by Marilyn Popp

Updated: February 15, 2017

I lost a dear friend over this past weekend, or I should say the dart community has lost a friend.

As we all know by now, Stacy Bromberg died after a courageous battle with cancer – she fought it like she fought her dart matches – fiercely.  She and I have been telephone tagging over the last couple of weeks; I left messages, she left messages, but I’m sorry to say I never got to speak to her.  I regret that I was at a dart tournament in Maryland when she died, and people would ask me how she was.  I was going to call her on Monday – so sorry I didn’t get the chance.

I was privileged to be her dart partner for several years, attending World Cup and Masters events.  We always did so well together.  I felt so confident playing with her.  I had to laugh, because she always felt she needed to tell me my outs, even though I knew them as well as she did!  It didn’t bother me – that was Stacy.

I would not be able to list all of her accomplishments; there are so many, including a World Championship.  We all know what she did for darts, not to mention her favorite charity, Make-A-Wish Foundation.  She was a good friend to me, and a good daughter to her parents.  What she did for darts is unprecedented.

I couldn’t bring myself to erase her voicemail from over the weekend.  Hearing her voice is comforting to me.  I also find comfort knowing she’s free from pain and with her Mom.


Thanks for listening,

Marilyn Popp

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