2017 ADO Winmau World Masters – National Finals

Updated: May 5, 2017

Congratulations to Lisa Ayers, Sandy Hudson, Larry Butler, Dave Walsh, Tom Sawyer, and James Cotton, who have qualified for the 2017 Winmau World Masters!  Alternates are Kay Hoover, Jessica Cecava, Robbie Phillips, and Ed Foland.

Lisa Ayers   24      Larry Butler   15
Sandy Hudson   23      Dave Walsh   13
Kay Hoover   20      Tom Sawyer   12
Jessica Cecava   14      James Cotton   11
Bette Cunningham   13      Robbie Phillips   10
Linda Golden   11      Ed Foland     9
Nicole Rowell   10      Jim Widmayer     8
Katherine Fitch     7      Mike Rountree     6
Shannon Vitale     7
Valorie Olson     6


Ladies Bracket:
Katherine Fitch
Valorie Olson
Jessica Cecava
Bette Cunningham
Shannon Vitale
Sandy Hudson
Linda Golden
Nicole Rowell
Lisa Ayers
Kay Hoover
Mens Hearts:
Jon Foreman
JD Newman
Chad Ernst
James Cotton
Dave Walsh
Joe Chaney
Ryan Morey
Mens Clubs:
Brian Jackson
Tom Sawyer
Joe Efter
Ben LaDew
Robbie Phillips
Dayton Strawbridge
Mens Spades:
Jim Widmayer
William Squires
Bob Meininger
Derek Priest
Mike Rountree
Joe Barbato
Russ Lyzak
Mens Diamonds:
Ed “Fuzzy” Foland
Scott Moran
Jesse Dochow
Larry Butler
Chris Jaramillo
Morgan Dotson

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