Youth Membership Application

YOUTH Individual Membership Application

Sign up as an individual youth member
    YOUTH Individual Membership Application

    An ADO Youth Individual Member is entitled to the following:

    • an ADO pocket Tournament Calendar, listing the major darting events in the U.S. during the current calendar year
    • a 1-year Subscription to the "Double Eagle" newsletter - the official quarterly publication (NOTE: Circulation currently on hold)
    • a wallet-size ADO Membership Card bearing the member's name
    • an ADO Cloth Patch (3" - 3 color)
    • eligibility to participate in all ADO Youth Programs and Playoffs

    If you wish to become an ADO Youth Individual Member, please complete the following online application and submit payment.
    I hereby apply for an ADO YOUTH INDIVIDUAL MEMBERSHIP.

  • Please include separate address and phone number if different than that of the child
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