Summary of August 2012 Board Meeting

Updated: September 13, 2012

A player must represent his or her ADO affiliated Region at Nationals no matter where he/she qualifies.  Regional Directors need to send the results and money from National Qualifiers to the ADO office as soon as possible after the Qualifier.  Close out dates will be published.  Regional Directors are reminded that a copy of each of the National Qualifier results must be sent to their Area Manager ASAP as well as to the ADO Office.   Regional Directors are also reminded that all National Qualifiers must be approved by their respective Area Manager 14 days before the Qualifier and immediately posted on the ADO website.  The ADO office must also be notified as soon as the Area Manager approves the dates.  All Qualifiers must be completed 30 working days prior to the National event.

Guidelines to follow when having a National Qualifier:

  1. Avoid having a National Qualifier during big dart events including Nationals. (Unless the qualifier is being held in conjunction with the tournament.)
  2. The money must be received in the ADO office before the National Qualifier is official.
  3. The Area Manager must approve the National Qualifier before it is official.
  4. The National Qualifier may be held any time before the ADO date for it but only 2 weeks after that date.
  5. The Regional Director can hold 2 National Qualifiers in the same week, for instance one on Saturday and one on Sunday.

The new ADO website database is 25% done.  Tournaments still need to be sanctioned the way they were sanctioned before the website.

The 2013 ADO Nationals will be held at the following tournaments: the Cricket at the Las Vegas Open, the Masters at the DF-W Metroplex Open in Dallas, the All Stars at the USA Classic in Stamford, and the USA Team (tentatively) at the San Francisco Open.  The 6 tournaments in 2013 that will receive WDF/BDO points are the 4 that are hosting ADO Nationals plus Virginia Beach and Nashville.

The 6 WDF youth events in 2013 will be held at the North Texas Shoot Out, Virginia Beach, Charlotte, the DF-W Metroplex Open, the USA Classic, and the Colorado Open.

All ADO sanctioned tournaments must be open.  The tournament cannot be limited as to number of players, nationality, nor have any limitation that excludes any dart player.

Article XV, Section 1 of the ADO Bylaws was changed to read “Any Regional Director may be removed from office by his/her Area Manager if circumstances warrant or recalled by a simple majority vote of the Board or by a simple majority of those eligible to vote for Regional Director.  The ADO may effect this section by mail, if circumstances so warrant.”

Carolyn Camp
ADO General Secretary

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