BDO American Region Player Eligibility Update

Below is an email the ADO received shortly after the conclusion of the BDO board meeting on April 16, 2014:
At the board meeting today the American situation was discussed at length. The conclusion of the board was that American players should be allowed to play within our system from the date that Q School finished which was Monday 20th January 2014 so any points earned from this date forward would be able to count in your regional table. This would mean that the American players have been treated exactly the same as any other player in Europe. It would also allow your players to take part in the Winmau World Masters if they qualify.
So any points earned from the Fleetwood Memorial Las Vegas Open onwards will be now be included in the USA regional table.

2013 ADO National Points Champions and National Team

Congratulations to Cali West and Tom Sawyer for winning the 2013 ADO National Points Championships.  Listed below is the entire 2014 ADO National Team.
Cali West
Sandy Hudson
Paula Murphy
Tom Sawyer
Jim Widmayer
Larry Butler
Robbie Phillips
Levi Remick
Leonard Gates

As ADO president, I would like to apologize to all players for taking so long to come out with this information.  I take full responsibility that this happened under my watch.  It is unacceptable.  Changes will be made and I will make certain that these things never happen again.

David Hascup
ADO President

2014 Masters Team

Congratulations to the following players for winning their spot on the 2014 ADO Masters Team:
Leonard Gates
Joe Chaney
Elliot Milk
Greg Von Lienen
Sandy Hudson
Paula Murphy

Area 4 Manager – Chuck Hudson

Chuck Hudson has been elected by a Special Election to complete the remaining term of ex-Area 4 Manager Lloyd Hoover. The regular election for this position will take place at the end of 2014.

Battle in the Grove Results

Mens 501   Womens 501
1st Chris Knutzen   1st Laraine Hinsin
2nd Kevin Luke   2nd Heather Anderson
Top 4 Roger Christal   Top 4 Amanda Baasch
Top 4 Mark Wolf   Top 4 Athena Gordon

Hal Coleman, longtime member and friend to all, passed away


Gates and Podraza win 2014 T-Moore Memorial

Mens 501 (22 entries)   Womens 501 (7 entries)
1st Leonard Gates   1st Kathy Podraza
2nd Ram Guevara Jr   2nd Celine Caithamer
Top 4 Brian Sellers   Top 4 Holly Price
Top 4 Chuck Swindall   Top 4 Kristy Davis


Butler and Curry winners at Port City Open. Gates and Kiel win cricket.

Mens 501(166 entries)   Womens 501 (68 entries)
1st Larry Butler   1st Robin Curry
2nd Leonard Gates   2nd Cali West
Top 4 Chuck Brousseau   Top 4 Pam Briggs
Top 4 Bob Sinnaeve   Top 4 Jamie Benner
Top 8 Jeff Smith   Top 8 Holly Frary
Top 8 Levi Remick   Top 8 Andrea Taylor
Top 8 Billy Franklin   Top 8 Kim Balcom
Top 8 Scott Wollaston   Top 8 Carolyn Mars
Mens Cricket (97 entries)   Womens Cricket (44 entries)
1st Leonard Gates   1st Marlise Kiel
2nd Jeff Smith   2nd Trish Grzesik
Top 4 Joe Efter   Top 4 Robin Curry
Top 4 Tom Curtin   Top 4 Cali West
Top 8 Aaron Hodsdon   Top 8 Donna Lemieux
Top 8 Jim Widmayer   Top 8 Kelly Severy
Top 8 Jeff Roy   Top 8 Andrea Taylor 
Top 8 Darin Young   Top 8 Bette Cunningham

Butler 3 for 4 in BDO Ranked Events. Murphy wins womens title.

Mens 501   Womens 501
1st Larry Butler   1st Paula Murphy
2nd Joe Chaney   2nd Christina Dunn
Top 4 Eric Blackledge   Top 4 Jessica McCowan
Top 4 Barry Colston   Top 4 Melissa Wright
Top 8 John Steinhofer   Top 8 Ashley Moore
Top 8 Norman Madhoo   Top 8 Beth Fox
Top 8 Gordon Dixon   Top 8 Jannette Dickerson
Top 8 DJ Sayre   Top 8 Sandy Haas
Mens Cricket   Womens Cricket
1st Danny Baggish   1st Paula Murphy
2nd Ralph McCool   2nd Jannette Dickerson
Top 4 Brad Oxendine   Top 4 Brenda Roush
Top 4 Danny Delfino   Top 4 Christina Dunn
Top 8 Eric Blackledge   Top 8 Julie Rembiszewski
Top 8 Eric Gregory   Top 8 Yvonne Torres
Top 8 Trint Sumner   Top 8 Wanda Coontz
Top 8 Tim Byrd   Top 8 Courtney Dees

 Results will be posted in the results database shortly

Special Election For Area 4 Manager

The Call for Candidates in the Special Election for Area 4 Manager was mailed out on February 18, 2014.  According to the ADO Bylaws, Article XI, Section 6: Candidates for the position of Area Manager shall be limited to domiciled incumbent/past Executive Officers, Area Managers, Regional Directors, and local Association Representatives, or National Youth Managers with at least one (1) year experience, except as provided in Article VII, Section 7 and Article XIV Section5.

All candidates must be members of ADO in good standing.  Anyone interested in running should contact General Secretary Carolyn Camp by email () or by phone (415-488-9008).  Please note that all Call for Candidate forms must be postmarked/emailed on or before February 28, 2014 to General Secretary Carolyn Camp -- P. O. Box 396 – Lagunitas, CA 94938 or emailed by that date to .