2014 Greensboro Dart Classic Results

Women’s Singles 501 (22 entries)

1st – Morgan McCormack – Metroplex D.A.
2nd – Shannon Payton – Bluegrass D.A.
3/4 – Bianca Gentry – Carolina D.A.
3/4 – Carolanne Solis – Yahtzee Organized D.A.

Men’s Singles 501 (35 entries)

1st – Dan Naylor – Azalea Coast D.A.
2nd – Dwayne Waite – Queen City D.A.
3/4 – Mitch Payton – Bluegrass D.A.
3/4 – Chris Linkous – Central Virginia A.P.L.

Women’s Singles Cricket (22 entries)

1st – Morgan McCormack – Metroplex D.A.
2nd – LeeAnna Waldrop – Queen City D.A.
3/4 – Brenda Whitley – Carolina D.A.
3/4 – Dorothy Spencer – Southern Maryland D.L.

Men’s Singles Cricket (44 entries)

1st – Wes Lippert – Piedmont D.A.
2nd – Mitch Payton – Bluegrass D.A.
3/4 – Chris Linkous – Central Virginia A.P.L.
3/4 – Michael Smith – Queen City D.A.


Nodor, Escalade Sports and the ADO sign a new 5 year contract

EscaladeNodor International in conjunction with their exclusive distributors, Escalade Sports, are delighted to announce a renewed 5 year sponsorship agreement with the American Darts Organization (ADO). This new deal extends Nodor’s partnership with the ADO to over 40 years.

Nodor were the inventors of the bristle dart board in 1932 and have been at the forefront of innovation in the darting world for over 90 years. Nodor have also been the official competition dart board of the ADO since its formation in 1975 and are delighted to continue that relationship.

David Hascup, President of the ADO, commented: “The ADO is a proud member of the World Darts Federation, which is the governing body for 67 countries and many hundreds of thousands of dart players across the globe. As such, we need to ensure that our members are using premium quality darts equipment, and with that in mind it is always an easy decision to continue our relationship with Nodor. They have been superb supporters of the ADO for 4 decades and it is thanks to their support that we have been able to continue to push the ADO forward.”

Ian Flack, Sales and Marketing Director of Nodor, added: “We are delighted to continue our long-standing relationship with the ADO, who are a highly professional and well-run governing body. By making our dartboards visible and accessible to their 50,000+ members, they (along with the market-leading distribution structure of Escalade Sports) have helped make Nodor the number one selling brand in the North American market. We look forward to working with them over the next 5 years to provide more exciting opportunities for their players and to help the ADO progress their proactive vision for the sport.”


For further details regarding the Nodor range in the USA or for more information about joining the ADO please contact:

Escalade Sports ADO
817 Maxwell Ave, 230 N Crescent Way, Suite K,
Evansville, Anaheim,
IN 47711. CA 92801-6707.
Tel: 1-800-467-1421 Tel: 714-254-0212
  President: David Hascup
Website: www.escaladesports.com  Website: www.adodarts.com

To view the new Nodor 2015 Collection, please visit: www.nodor-darts.com

R.I.P. Bob Bettis

This morning, we said goodbye to a great player, a great promoter of darts, a great man, and the best friend anyone could wish to have : Bob Bettis.  I make no apology for this being more personal than most obituaries, and anyone who knew the relationship between Bob and I will understand.  We used to play doubles together.  We used to travel and room together.  We used to visit and stay with each other.  We spent hours and hours on the phone.

From Little Rock, AR, Bob was much more than a legend as a player, working tirelessly behind the scenes to organize and promote the sport, and in particular, to get new players into darts.  Not just known in his own area, Bob also spent some time as the ADO National Youth Manager.

Bob had endured a miserable few years with a number of personal issues, including several serious health problems, but he never let it get him down.  Of course, he got a little depressed at times, but it wouldn’t last long, and he would soon be talking about getting out and playing again.  Even in the last year or so, after an extended spell out of action, Bob got back into playing league again.  It seems he took a turn for the worse last week, but he still planned on going to his league game on Thursday!

Having been on the circuit for over 25 years, Bob Bettis made a lot of friends.  For those of us who called Bob “friend”, this is a terrible, terrible day.  I’ll miss you, buddy…

Bob Bettis

Bob Bettis

2014 Barbados Darts Festival Results

The Barbados Darts Festival attracts players from around the world, including the United States, and this year, the trip proved successful for American women!  Below the results, please click on the link to find an excellent report on the tournament.


Lipton Ladies’ Pairs

1st – Heather Anderson / Shawn Hallbrook (USA)
2nd – Thelma Alleyne / Maureen Shepherd (Barbados)
3/4 – Shelley Taylor / Jennifer Smith (Barbados)
3/4 – Shereen Downs / Tracy Shiels (UK)

Heather Anderson and Shawn Hallbrook

Heather Anderson and Shawn Hallbrook


Carib Men’s Pairs

1st – Peter Ward / John Downs UK)
2nd – Sudesh Fitzgerald / Lallchand Rambhrose (Guyana)
3/4 – Martinus Alfred / Hank Ebanks (St. Lucia / Cayman Islands)
3/4 – Paul Smith / Nick Briggs (UK)

Vita Malt Mixed Triples

1st – Elouise Martin / Roger Edwards / Clyde Murrell (Barbados)
2nd – Shereen Downs / Peter Ward / John Downs (UK)
3/4 – Nannette Brooks / Edmund Mathura / Felix LeBlanc (Trinidad & Tobago)
3/4 – Shelley Taylor / Winston Cadogan / Hank Ebanks (Barbados / Cayman Islands)

Anchor Mixed Nations Ladies’ Pairs

1st – ShelbyBrushett / Maureen Shepherd (Canada / Barbados)
2nd – Cheryl Walrond / Maxine Cadwalleder (Barbados / UK)
3/4 – Shelley Taylor / Shereen Downs (Barbados / UK)
3/4 – Lisa Green / Tracy Shiels (Barbados / UK)

Anchor Mixed Nations Men’s Pairs

1st – Sudesh Fitzgerald / John Downs (Guyana / UK)
2nd – Caleb Clark / Ron Lynk (Barbados / Canada)
3/4 – Clyde Murrell / Doug Spearey (Barbados / Canada)
3/4 – Anthony Forde / Alan Collins (Barbados / UK)

Lipton Ladies Singles

1st – Jaswantie Hiralall (Guyana)
2nd – Nannette Brooks (Trinidad & Tobago)
3/4 – Shelley Taylor (Barbados)
3/4 – Wendy Reader (UK)

Carib Men’s Singles

1st – Peter Ward (UK)
2nd – Anthony Forde (Barbados)
3/4 – John Downs (UK)
3/4 – Mark Griffith (Barbados)

Barbados Darts Festival Report

2014 San Diego Memorial Results

Women’s Singles 501 (16 entries)

1st – Sharon Robledo – Ventura County D.A.
2nd – Jennifer Lyzak – Ventura County D.A.
3/4 – Shannon Vitale – Greater San Diego D.A.
3/4 – Jeanne Preston – London Bridge D.A.

Men’s Singles 501 (50 entries)

1st – Howard Meyers – Ventura County D.A.
2nd – Juan Madrigal – The Dart Shop
3/4 – Reu De La Cruz – South Bay D.A.
3/4 – Steve Hogan – Southern Arizona D.A.

Women’s Singles 301 (14 entries)

1st – Jennifer Lyzak – Ventura County D.A.
2nd – Sharon Robledo – Ventura County D.A.
3/4 – Jeanne Preston – London Bridge D.A.
3/4 – Jennifer Venter – Greater San Diego D.A.

Open Singles Cricket (39 entries)

1st – Howard Meyers – Ventura County D.A.
2nd – Rob Showers – Greater San Diego D.A.
3/4 – Mar Morales
3/4 – David Flowers – Southern Nevada D.A.

Result of Special Election for Area 5 Manager

Here is the result of the Special Election for Area 5 Manager


Area 5 Manager – Tom Sawyer


Thank you to everyone who participated in the election process

2014 Choo-Choo Classic Results

Women’s Singles 501 (30 entries)

1st – Kay Hoover – Cleveland D.C.
2nd – Candra Archbold – South Carolina Upstate D.L.
3/4 – Tammy Kasperzick – Greater Nashville D.A.
3/4 – Lisa Ayers – Greater Chattanooga D.A.

Men’s Singles 501 (85 entries)

1st – Leonard Gates – South Texas United P.I.D.
2nd – Joe Chaney – Greater Chattanooga D.A.
3/4 – Bill Davis – Rae Chesney PA Open
3/4 – Jason Brandon

Women’s Singles Cricket (26 entries)

1st – Lisa Ayers – Greater Chattanooga D.A.
2nd – Sandy Haas – Greater Chattanooga D.A.
3/4 – Kelly Roach – Greater Chattanooga D.A.
3/4 – Jessica Killien – Greater Chattanooga D.A.

Men’s Singles Cricket (65 entries)

1st – Larry Butler – Darters of Northern Kentucky
2nd – Danny Baggish – Florida D.A.
3/4 – Ralph McCool – Rocket City D.A.
3/4 – Tom Bush – Rocket City D.A.

Results of National Youth Manager and Area Manager Elections

Here are the results from the elections for ADO National Youth Manager, and Area Managers in Areas 2, 4, and 6.


National Youth Manager – Robert Archbold
Area 2 Manager – Mike Sexton
Area 4 Manager – Chuck Hudson
Area 6 Manager – Steve Webb


Thank you to everyone who participated in the election process.

Area 5 Regional Director Elections – Call for Candidates

All candidates must be members of the ADO in good standing.  Anyone who qualifies, and is interested in running for position, please print out the form using the links below.  Please note that all Call for Candidate forms must be received on or before November 25, 2014.

Regional Director 5-1

Regional Director 5-2

Regional Director 5-3

Regional Director 5-4

Regional Director 5-5

Regional Director 5-6

WDF Ranked Youth Events

Exciting news for American youth players from the WDF : the ADO is allowed 12 WDF-ranked youth events for 2015!

So far we have :

1 – Camellia Classic
2 – Cleveland Extravaganza
3 – DFW-Metroplex
4 – USA Classic
5 – Witch City Open
6 – Colorado Open
7 – Virginia Beach
8 – North Texas Shootout

That’s right, we need four more youth events to rank!  Please contact me ASAP if your tournament is interested in hosting a WDF-ranked youth event.

Steve Gagnon
ADO National Youth Manager