The Atlanta Decatur Dart Association

This will be the first of a series as we profile ADO member associations.  Today we will focus on our newest member, the Atlanta Decatur Dart Association (GA), and here is a press release issued by ADDA League Coordinator, Dacey Hartsfield.  Welcome, Dacey and the ADDA!


“The Atlanta Decatur Dart Association (ADDA) was founded in 2004 with one goal in mind – to create a league run by its players that caters to all skill levels in a fun and competitive format.  Given this goal, the ADDA sought  to revolutionize how players could throw darts, track their stats and team stats, and stay up to date on all important happenings.

In early 2013, the ADDA made that happen with the assistance of Top Webs Network.  With the launch of our new website, players could check out their team standings as well as individual stats (501 average, addas/all-star shots, player points, high in/high out, and Hall of Fame) for each season.  Recently, we’ve added the ability of players to see how they stack up against other players in the league.  Our player cards are unique in that players can view their stats from each season they have played in the league, and have a picture assigned to their player card.  We have also incorporated sponsors and links as well as a calendar that keeps everyone abreast of local blind draws around the city, and upcoming seasons for the ADDA.

Please visit our site at and poke around by using the menus at the top of the page.  You’ll find so much more!  Please contact Dacey, the ADDA’s League Coordinator if you would like more information on our site, or if you would like to provide any other feedback.”

Team USA wins team event at WDF America’s Cup in Tampa, FL


Team USA, consisting of Sandy Hudson, Tom Sawyer, Brenda Roush, Jim Widmayer and Manager David Hascup(left to right), were victorious in the team event at the 2014 WDF America’s Cup event.  Team USA started off the tournament beating Brazil by a score of 12-1 in the first round of the round robin portion of the team event.  In round 2, they white washed Belize 13-0.  Round 3 was played the following day.  They defeated Trinidad and Tobago 13-0 to give team USA first place for the group.  With 2 groups, and 2 teams from each group making the knockout portion, team USA would face group 2 runner up, Barbados in the semi-finals.  They defeated Barbados 9-1.  In the other semi-final match, our neighbors from above, Canada, defeated  Trinidad and Tobago by a score of 9-1.  In the finals team USA defeated team Canada by a score of 8-3.

In the singles event, all four American’s won their first 2 rounds of play.  Jim Widmayer lost to eventual men’s singles runner-up, Romwell Tagalog of the Cayman Islands, in the 3rd round by a score of 3-2.  Tom Sawyer won his 3rd round and then lost to Romwell in the semi-finals by a score of 3-1.  Dave Cameron of Canada won the event.

Both American women won their 3rd round, but lost in the semi-finals to Joanne Luke and Cindy Veith, both from Canada.  Joanne Luke won the event.

I would like to send out a special thanks to the Florida Dart Association for their help in setting up the event.  Stephanie Mincey did 95% of the work.  Thank you.

Youth Event and lack of ADO Team:
It was quite embarrassing for me to be there as president of the ADO and not have a youth team.  I had to answer these same questions that are being asked on social media and emails during the WDFARC general meeting.  The ADO does not have a system in place for a youth player to qualify for the America’s Cup.  I also did not know of a youth event as it is not listed in the current by-laws on the WDF website.

I personally found out on May 31, 2014.  This was way to late in the year to run a qualifier.  I had thought about asking Florida to send 2 youth players, but then others around the country would have complained about that.  Wondering why Florida was able to choose the team.  Thinking back, I should have gone this route, knowing people would complain no matter what we decided to do, but at least we would have had a youth team.

Both those issues are being addressed.  I notified the WDF America’s Region Council that the information posted on the WDF website is from 2008.  There was not a youth event at that time.

We are also in the process of figuring out how we can to have a youth team, type of qualifier, location, entry fee, etc etc.  This event will run on even years, earlier in the calendar and will be subject to age restrictions.

David Hascup
ADO President

2014 Midwest Summer Classic Results

Women’s 501 Singles (26 entries)

1st – Kari Stevenson – Mississippi Valley D.O.
2nd – Jessica Thatcher – Individual
3/4 – Kathy Salway – Youngstown D.A.
3/4 – Jill Cody – Mississippi Valley D.O.

Men’s 501 Singles (56 entries)

1st – Mike Brewer – Individual
2nd – Pat Kron – Mississippi Valley D.O.
3/4 – Michael Walters – Individual
3/4 – Brad Oxendine – Mississippi Valley D.O.

Women’s Cricket Singles (20 entries)

1st – Kathy Salway – Youngstown D.A.
2nd – Angie Maxwell – St. Charles D.L.
3/4 – Belinda Devine – St. Charles D.L.
3/4 – Jessica Thatcher – Individual

Men’s Cricket Singles (41 entries)

1st – Linn Barnes – Central Missouri D.A.
2nd – Brad Oxendine – Mississippi Valley D.O.
3/4 – Brett Farris – Mississippi Valley D.O.
3/4 – Dennis Sanden


2014 Americas Cup

This weekend (July 11-13) sees the 2014 Americas Cup.  The event is held in even years, compared to the World Cup, which is staged in odd years.  Introduced in 2002, the Americas Cup replaced the Pacific Cup, and is open to all WDF member countries in North, Central, and South America.

Tampa is the venue for this year’s championship, and the United States – and Florida – becomes the first nation to host the event twice; the first time was in 2004.  Other hosting nations have been Cayman Islands (2002), Barbados (2006), Trinidad (2008), Bahamas (2010), and Belize (2012).

The U.S. have a superb record in the Americas Cup, lifting the trophy five times, only missing out to Canada four years ago in the Bahamas.

Four American men have triumphed in the Men’s Singles, with John Kuczynski (2004), Scott Wollaston (2006), Gary Mawson (2008), and Chuck Pankow (2010), finishing top of the pile.  We have brought home the Women’s Singles title on four occasions also, thanks to two players!  Stacy Bromberg (2002 and 2006), and reigning Champion Marilyn Popp (2010 and 2012) being the victors.  Marilyn is the only player to complete a successful defense of a singles title in the history of the Americas Cup.  Canadian Troy Hanlon was the 2012 Men’s Singles Champion.

Countries competing in the 2014 event are :

Bahamas, Belize, Bermuda, Brazil, Canada, Cayman Islands, Jamaica (not confirmed), Trinidad & Tobago, Turks & Caicos, U.S.A.

Representing the U.S. in Tampa will be :

Sandy Hudson
Brenda Roush
Tom Sawyer
Jim Widmayer

All four have plenty of international experience, each having competed multiple times in the World Masters in England, and three of the four have been members of previous U.S. World Cup teams.

There is also a Youth Event this year, with the competing nations being :

Bahamas, Belize, Canada, Cayman Islands

Good luck to all players and nations!

RedEye Rhino and the ADO announce sponsorship agreement

RRThe deal, which runs until the end of 2015, will see RedEye Rhino supply the ADO with team shirts for the 2014 WDF America’s Cup and the 2015 WDF World Cup. 

We are pleased to have RedEye Rhino on board.

Vote For Your Magic Matchplay Moment

Ever since America’s Larry Butler won the inaugural World Matchplay in 1994, the Winter Gardens in Blackpool has held a special place in the hearts of darts players and fans.

The tournament has witnessed five nine-darters since – from Phil Taylor, Raymond van Barneveld, John Part, Michael van Gerwen and Wes Newton – some stunning checkouts, epic victories and record-breaking triumphs.

We’ve picked 16 Magic Moments below, and will feature the top ten as voted for by PDC fans in our BetVictor World Matchplay programme when this year’s event is held from July 19-27 at the Winter Gardens.

We’ll also display the top ten here on the official PDC website during the BetVictor World Matchplay.

To place your vote, simply choose your favourite from the list below, which also include the wins for Larry Butler, Peter Evison and Rod Harrington – who became the first player to retain the title in 1998 and 1999 – as well as famous victories for Colin Lloyd, Terry Jenkins and James Wade, not to mention Phil Taylor’s record-breaking feats on the Winter Gardens stage.

Vote for Larry Butler


CARL DI CICCO – Eastlake, OH
DOMINIK PUNDT – Williamsburg, VA

2014 East-West Challenge / 501 National Championship Participants

Congratulations to the following players who will be competing in the forthcoming East-West Challenge, and the 501 National Championship.

JUNIOR AHAT (AS) – Greenwich, CT
AVERY BARRY (AS) – Gloucester, MA
OLAN BEJESUS (AS) – Gloucester, CT
BRIAN BLAKE (AS) – Fayetteville, NC
PAM BRIGGS (AS) – Amesbury, MA
JUSTIN BROSH (AS) – Gulfport, MS
LISA BROWN (AS) – Tacoma, WA
LARRY BUTLER (NT) – Fairborn, OH
A.J. CHERRY (JR) – Tampa, FL
CHARLIE DANIEL (AS) – Fayetteville, NC
COURTNEY DEES (AS) – Ocean Springs, MS
JOE EFTER (AS) – Hopkinton, MA
DYLAN FRANKLIN (JR) – Portsmouth, VA
LEONARD GATES (NT) – San Antonio, TX
SANDY HAAS (AS) – Harrison, TN
JOE HUFFMAN (AS) – Waldorf, MD
DAVE KAPUSTIK (AS) – North Olmsted, OH
DAVID KEOSAIAN (AS) – Saratoga Springs, NY
RALPH MC COOL (AS) – Birmingham, AL
HOWARD MEYERS (AS) – Simi Valley, CA
ELLIOT MILK (AS) – Sioux Falls, SD
DAN MOORE (AS) – Aurora, CO
PAULA MURPHY (NT) – Orange Park, FL
DAN NAYLOR (AS) – Rocky Point, NC
MIKE NELSON (AS) – Little Falls, MN
J.D. NEWMAN (AS) – Escondido, CA
MATT PETRALI (AS) – Sacramento, CA
BRIAN PLUM (AS) – Lakewood, OH
BRIAN ROTH (AS) – Ft. Worth, TX
TOM SAWYER (NT) – Peabody, MA
DOROTHY SPENCER (AS) – Mechanicsville, MD
GREG VON LIENEN (AS) – Greenfield Center, NY
CALI WEST (NT) – Syracuse, NY
JIM WIDMAYER (NT) – Staten Island, NY
JACOB WOMACK (JR) – Westminster, CO
PAUL YOUNG JR. (AS) – Sachse, TX

2014 Firecracker Results

Women’s 501 Singles (31 entries)

1st – Lisa Ayers – Greater Chattanooga D.A.

2nd – Tabitha Foster

3/4 – Sherry Rogers – Greater Chattanooga D.A.

3/4 – Kay Hoover – Cleveland D.C

Men’s 501 Singles (112 entries)

1st – Joe Chaney – Greater Chattanooga D.A.

2nd – Larry Butler – Darters of Northern Kentucky

3/4 – Gordon Dixon – Akron Canton D.C.

3/4 – John Schaumann – Aiken Singles Series D.L.

Women’s Cricket Singles (26 entries)

1st – Sandy Hudson – South Carolina Upstate D.L.

2nd – Kay Hoover – Cleveland D.C.

3/4 – Jennifer Carlton – Greenville Spartanburg P.D.A.

3/4 – Kathy Salway – Youngstown D.A.

Men’s Cricket Singles (72 entries)

1st – Joe Chaney – Greater Chattanooga D.C.

2nd – D.J. Sayre – Akron Canton D.C.

3/4 – John Schaumann – Aiken Singles Series D.L.

3/4 Ralph McCool – Rocket City D.A.

To the members of the American Darts Organization

There have been lots of discussions on social media outlets and emails about the status of the American Darts Organization (ADO). There have also been rumors that ADO and the American Darts Organization Memorial Scholarship Fund will be declaring bankruptcy and folding. These rumors are not true. I want to give all of our members some facts about the financial/corporate status of the ADO.

As most of you know, I took over as ADO president on January 1, 2014. I was aware of many issues with the ADO and was eager to start solving the issues as soon as possible.

Let me quickly explain how the ADO works in terms of corporation and IRS:

  • ADO, Inc. is a Massachusetts corporation. We are to file corporation papers with the state on a yearly basis.
  • ADO, Inc. does business in the state of California. We are to file taxes with the state on a yearly basis. 501(c)(6)
  • American Darts Organization Memorial Scholarship Fund is a separate entity from ADO, Inc. They do business in California and must file corporation papers and taxes on a yearly basis.

Just prior to the ADO semi-annual meeting in Las Vegas, I did some research on the status of each of the above. I found the following:

  • ADO, Inc MA Corp was revoked on 7-20-2012 for failure to file with the state for 3 years. The last year the ADO had filed was 2008.
  • ADO, Inc with the IRS was revoked on 15-May-2011 for failure to file with the IRS for 3 years.
  • American Darts Organization Memorial Scholarship Fund was revoked on 15-May-2010 for failure to file with IRS for 3 years.

ADO, Inc Massachusetts Issue
Immediately following the meeting in Las Vegas, ADO CFO Lloyd Hoover and I called Massachusetts to see what needed to be done to reinstate the ADO as a corporation in the state of Massachusetts. They mailed me forms that needed to be filled out. I completed the proper forms for 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013. The forms were filed and the reinstatement request was accepted. ADO, Inc. was officially reinstated on 03-20-2014.

ADO, Inc IRS Issue
The Massachusetts issue needed to be completed before filing for reinstatement with the IRS. We are now in the process of completing the proper forms with the IRS.  I will be pushing this on a daily basis and keep all members updated on the status.

ADO Memorial Scholarship Fund
Members of the ADO board are in the process of determining what needs to be done to reinstate the American Darts Organization Memorial Scholarship fund. The ADO currently commits $6000 in scholarship awards through the ADO Youth National Championship held mid-August in Stamford, Connecticut: Champion-$1500, 2nd-$1000, T4-$750 each, T8-$500 each. This Fund is supported solely through voluntary tax-deductible contributions of members of the darting community, sponsors, manufacturers of darting equipment, other interested parties and interest derived from the scholarship account. 

$2,040.00 – Total of donations 2010
$500 – Ck# 412 – 01/03/10 – John P. Fitzgerald – (bal. $1750)
$500 – Ck# 413 – 01/03/10 – Kyle S. Alvey – (bal. $0)
$500 – Ck# 414 – 06/18/10 – Ashley Stewart – (bal. $1250)
$500 – Ck# 415 – 07/09/10 – Michael Scarborough – (bal. $1500)
$500 – Ck# 416 – 08/19/10 – Dakota Brockman – (bal. $0)
$500 – Ck# 417 – 08/30/10 – Ashley Stewart – (bal. $750)
$500 – Ck# 418 – 09/01/10 – Cody Gaulthier – (bal. $250)
$3,500.00 – Total of checks written
$60,271.06 – Balance in acct. 12/31/2010

$957.60 – Total of donations 2011
$500 – Ck# 419 – 01/08/11 – Ashley Stewart – (bal. $250)
$250 – Ck# 420 – 03/02/11 – Cody R. Gaulthier – (bal. $0)
$500 – Ck# 421 – 03/26/11 – Daniel Lauby Jr. – (bal. $2250)
$500 – Ck# 422 – 08/30/11 – Daniel Lauby Jr. – (bal. $1750)
$500 – Ck# 423 – 09/01/11 – Jared Sullivan – (bal. $250)
$2,250.00 – Total of checks written
$58,835.33 – Balance in acct. 12/31/2011

$620.00 – Total donations 2012
$500 – Ck# 424 – 02/17/12 – Daniel Lauby Jr. – (bal.$1250)
$500 – Ck# 425 – 05/15/12 – Michael Scarborough – (bal. $1000)
$500 – Ck# 426 – 07/21/12 – Michael Scarborough – (bal. $500)
$500 – Ck# 427 – 09/06/12 – Shannon Gallagher – (bal. $250)
$250 – Ck# 428 – 09/06/12 – Ashley Stewart – (bal. $0)
$500 – Ck# 429 – 09/20/12 – Daniel Lauby Jr. (bal. $750)
$2,750.00 – Total of checks written
$56,562.08 – Balance in acct. 12/31/2012

$400.00 – Total donations 2013 (+$596 from Las Vegas Open)
$500 – Ck# 430 – 01/24/13 – Christopher Becker – (bal. $0)
$500 – Ck# 431 – 02/07/13 – Shannon Gallagher – (bal. $1250)
$500 – Ck# 432 – 08/11/13 – Shannon Gallagher – (bal. $750)
$500 – Ck# 433 – 10/15/13 – Scott Frazier Jr. – (bal. $1750)
$500 – Ck# 434 – 11/07/13 – Kyle Gregory – (bal. $250)
$2,500.00 – Total of checks written
$54,244.59 – Balance in acct. 12/31/2013

$00.00 – Total donations 2014 so far (+$709 from Las Vegas Open)
$250 – Ck# 435 – 03/06/14 – Kyle Gregory – (bal. $0)
$500 – Ck# 436 – 03/06/14 – Scott Frazier Jr. – (bal. $1250)
$500 – Ck# 437 – 03/06/14 – Shannon Gallagher – (bal. $250)
$1,250.00 – Total of checks written as of May 31, 2014

I understand the ball was dropped in several areas. I am not looking to point fingers but to solve the issues and be sure this does not happen again in the future. As president of the ADO, I want to be open and honest to all its members. I will continue to do whatever is needed to solve all the issues and to help make the ADO grow.

David Hascup
ADO President